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WiFi Tracker people counter

All the metrics you need in a people counter for stores.

Tekio provides the first 3D people counter camera capable of providing you with several metrics for assessing the performance of your store.


Ours 3D cam is the only solution capable of supplying you with several assessment metrics in a single device through a combination of video technology and Wi-Fi Tracking technology. In fact; our cam is also a Wi-Fi Tracker and can provide additional business metrics such as traffic outside the store, store in-out conversion, stopping time, returning customers and cross-sector buyers, by exploiting the uniqueness of the Wi-Fi signal and its power.

Maximum precision

Ours people counter system, with its new, double-lens design, can generate a 3D image that offers a measured average precision of about 95%. Equipped with a Super Wide viewing angle of up to 120°, it provides much broader door coverage.

Why you should choose our cam


3D technology

Advanced stereoscopic function to provide precise data under a vast range of environmental conditions


Smartphone detection by Mac Address

The camera is also a Wi-Fi hotspot and, therefore, can detect signals emitted by smartphones


It measures the duration of the visit

The device traces every Wi-Fi signal issued by the smartphones of visitors entering the store

What you can measure with Tekio System

This third-generation people counter for stores is gaining large slices of the market due to the supplementary business metrics that it offers retailers. The cam is integrated with a powerful 1GHz processor, capable of executing a complex video processing algorithm. In addition, it has a graphics card specially designed to process high-intensity images in real time.

  • It measures entries and exits through an advanced data processing algorithm that excludes light and shadows
  • It measures the traffic outside your store
  • It measures the time a person stays inside the store and stands in front of the store window
  • It detects and distinguishes new customers form returning customers
  • It recognizes the customers that visit and buy in several stores
  • On the basis of height, shape and size, it can distinguish between children and adults and people and objects

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