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Travel Expenses

Goodbye hardcopy expense report management.

Travel Expenses is an integrated, multi-device software program that enables expense reports to be managed more quickly.


Travel Expenses was designed to help companies to speed up their expense report checking process, bringing considerable benefits in terms of accurate checking of the costs borne, time and process simplification.

The expense reports are entered by the employee and received by the user responsible for checking them, who can approve or reject the expense report completely or check each individual item and reject any one or more of them. At the end of the process, if authorized, the expense report is sent to your system and stored on the database. If it is rejected, it is accompanied by the reason for rejection and sent back to the employee, who can cancel or modify it, and then send it back for approval.

Why you should choose Travel Expenses


Multi device

It can be used from a smartphone, tablet, PC, thus allowing the employee to remain productive while travelling.



It checks that the expense is correct or is in contrast with the policy, in which case it signals an error.



There are two standard levels of approval, which may, however, be increased or reduced.

A single solution for managing expense reports

Travel Expenses is used to manage the expense reports of companies operating worldwide, providing support for various languages, companies and currencies in a single environment. The Central European Bank provides Vibecode with the exchange rates in real time.

  • Natively cloud-based
  • Quickly and effectively scalable
  • Also available on premises
  • Can also be used off line
  • Policy management
  • Personalizable

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