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Retail management program

The Italian retail management program for chains of stores.

A retail management program that offers broad functional coverage for complex business needs.

Managment Logic

Tekio offers the market the only retail management software solution in Italy capable of providing adequate operational, management and strategic support to all companies that intend to increase the efficiency of their chain of stores in Italy and all over the world. It is a solution strongly oriented towards management logic, with specific, in-depth functions.


It comprises Back office modules (Central office, Headquarters) for managing the entire chain, Store Back office modules for store operations and Front office modules, for operators and customers at your points of sale. The characteristics of this Retail management software make it suitable and functionally capable of managing single points of sale, chains of stores, single franchisees, master franchisees, franchisors, proprietary points of sale, company stores and outlets. It makes no difference if your chain is local, national or international.

Why you should choose our management program


Logistics and merchandise control

Merchandise transfer control, sophisticated merchandise loading procedure, automatic reassortments


Integration and analysis

Connection with people counter, parametric sales and warehouse analysis, merchandise status filing


In Store Utility

Integrated promotional engine, loyalty card, gift card, voucher, deposits and bookings, mobile module

The main characteristics of this software

Available in Cloud or On-Premise, its modular structure and flexibility enable it to operate in merchandise sectors of various types and with various organizational models.

  • Heterogeneity: no limit to the number of cash registers connected
  • Availability: data available on request or in real time
  • Reliability: the point of sales performs operations free of operator errors, the Central office has control of the operations performed by the points of sale
  • Speed: bidirectional exchange (between Central office and Point of Sales) of strictly necessary data only.
  • Extendibility: all databases can be extended by setting additional parameters at the user’s discretion.
  • Integration with Multimedia Objects, Mail and SMS service providers, ERP and e-commerce systems
  • Multilingual operation: Negoziando is available in the following languages: Italian, English, Spanish, German, French, Russian and Portuguese

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