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The first mobile checkout software for shops.

POSible is a mobile checkout software for shops that allows the user to check the availability of products, add them to the customer’s virtual shopping cart, view active promotions and much more.


In the current context in which the customer interacts with the brand through multiple channels, POSible checkout system for portable devices allows the operator to make the customer experience flexible, fast and multi-channel.

For example, the shop assistant will be able to share the product he is interested in with the customer so as to inform him about his availability in another shop or on the website, effectively overcoming the boundaries between online and offline. He will also be able to share the entire shopping cart with the customer so that the customer can, if he wishes, complete the purchase later with a few clicks.


POSible allows the operator to view the customer’s previous purchases in order to be able to provide him with a precise service, directing him no longer towards generic products, but towards products that truly meet his preferences in order to maximize sales.

Why you should choose POSible?



Maximum flexibility offered to the customer in choosing the product purchase and collection channel


Knowledge of the customer

Most purchased product categories, latest purchases, read and received communications.


Performance analysis

Visualization of sales results of shop assistants, shops and individual customers through punctual graphs

Pwer on the move

POSible is much more than just a POS or a cash register. With this software, the retailer has a powerful tool to maximize sales. Through POSible, the shop assistant can move freely in the store, increasing proximity to the customer, adding items to the customer's virtual shopping cart with a simple scan of the barcode and completing the purchase on the move. The salesperson will also have the opportunity to check in real time which promotions are associated with the single item the customer is interested in so as to inform him and improve his customer experience. This solution also offers detailed customer knowledge by providing information such as: suspended trolleys, current trolleys, active promotions, read and received communications and last purchases. POSible responds to the need to help our customers achieve the following objectives:

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