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Loyalty App

Our customer loyalty software.

Loyalty App is a software program that wins the loyalty of your retail customers and makes sure that your campaigns are exciting and profitable.


Loyalty App favorisce l’engagement da parte del cliente attraverso un’esperienza unica e personalizzata. L’utilizzo di questa soluzione permette l’aumento dell’interazione fra brand e consumatore e il miglioramento della brand image aziendale. Il cliente riacquisterà la fedeltà al brand e si impegnerà a diffondere e rianimare il concetto di marca diventando un Brand Ambassador.

Social Integration

Loyalty App enables users to share their purchases, log onto the store and invite their friends to download the App. These are just some examples of “virtuous actions” that ensure rewards for the customer in the form of loyalty points.

Why you should chose Loyalty App



Loyalty App favours customer engagement through a unique, personalized experience



It increases the opportunities for contact with the customer. Marketing communications are more effective



Complete personalization of the user interface, in terms of both graphics and contents or sections of them

What you can do with Loyalty App

Loyalty App provides the following functions: virtual card, gift card, transmission of push notifications, store geolocation, virtual couponing, beacon technology support, insertion of news and personalized contents, viewing of external contents directly in the App and much more. All the functions are managed through a CMS developed paying great attention to usability so that it is extremely simple to use. This characteristic makes the program a flexible tool that can be modified rapidly without any need for a company resource with special skills.

  • Recognize and profile your current customers, directing your campaign accordingly
  • Engage new customers, win their loyalty and conduct relations with them
  • Increase the value of your brand and promote your brand strategy
  • Rediscover the central role of the point of sales as an activity centre and not just a place for buying things
  • Integrate the channels in a single brand ecosystem
  • Create a programme for all channels with various objectives
  • Reward your more virtuous customers when events are organized
  • Bring value to you and your customer, by facilitating the creation of a brand community

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