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Loyalty Analytics

Get to know your customers and increase the efficacy of your campaigns using an effective loyalty strategy.

Loyalty Analytics is the ideal tool for monitoring the progress of your loyalty campaigns in relation to the demographic characteristics of the area in which you operate with a view to elaborating a perfect loyalty strategy.

The Advantages

Loyalty Analytics collects the most important demographic and market data, combines them with the data coming from your Retail system and provides all the information necessary to improve your loyalty strategy. Loyalty Analytics is used to analyse the efficacy of your campaigns, relate the data to both the profiles of your customers and the demographic/economic data of the area, providing you with all the information you need to increase the efficacy of your campaigns and promotions.

What you will find out

With Loyalty Analytics, you will be able to obtain a complete picture of your customers’ purchasing models, monitor the efficacy of the loyalty programmes in relation to the demographic features of the points of sale, identify idle periods, be proactive in identifying behavioural changes and much more.

Why you should choose Loyalty Analytics


To get to know the company’s customers

It provides information and KPIs for analysing the loyalty campaigns


To analyse data coming from all sources

It combines several data sources with the data present in the management program and shows the results on maps


To get to know your area

The KPIs are analysed in relation to the demographic features of the area in which the company operates

What you can measure with Loyalty Analytics

Loyalty Analytics is the new departmental analysis tool, easy to integrate with any retail system, designed to help retail companies monitor and increase the success of their loyalty campaigns. Analytics will enable you to improve your sales strategies and modify them as you go along. The solution can combine several data sources with the customers’ data and show the results on dashboards, charts and maps.

  • Activity rate
  • Idle period
  • Conversion rate
  • Frequency of activities
  • Collection of amount
  • Profitability
  • Efficacy: comparison of the KPI of subscribers to the programme with those of non-subscribers
  • Profiling of the customers’ characteristics through an analysis of their purchases

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