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ID24 Loyalty Solution

Loyalty at the points of sale.

To increase the value of its suite of Loyalty products, Tekio has established a partnership with ID24, a Swedish company specialized in loyalty solutions at points of sale.

The Objectives

The key element is to identify customers when they make purchases. The ID24 solution is easy to connect to any POS, CRM or e-commerce system on the market. Through this partnership, we intend to help our customers to improve loyalty at their points of sale, customer engagement and increase the value of the average receipt.


The solution works both integrated with your POS system and in stand-alone mode. Over the years, ID24 has supported companies such as Wincor Nixdorf, IBM and Microsoft Dynamics. The use of one of the over 50 registration forms on your cashpoint will not prolong payment times at all as it uses free time while the store personnel are doing other things.

Why you should choose ID24


Customer relations

It identifies the customer, collects information about the contact and issues electronic receipts



It validates e-mail in real time, collects opt-ins, promotes App downloads and engages customers through social


Increase in sales

It creates e-commerce profiles in store, enables you to view the articles in stock, creates new sales channels

What you can do with ID24

ID24 helps retailers to increase the loyalty of their customers, by offering electronic receipts, increasing the value of the average receipt, capturing feedback or simply offering a point of e-commerce access in the store.

  • Profile the customer
  • Issue electronic vouchers
  • Issue electronic receipts
  • E-mail validation system
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Monitor existing devices through specific control tools
  • Analyse Performance

Do you want to know more about ID24?

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