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Gunnebo Cash Management

The ultimate solution for your store’s cash management.

Gunnebo Cash Management is a synonym of safety for the retail market.

Who is Gunnebo

Gunnebo is an International Group that is the world leader in the safety sector with 5700 operators based in 30 countries, who design, develop and produce solutions for banks, points of sale and other facilities with demanding safety needs; their services are provided all over the world through a network of highly qualified and competent collaborators.

Maximum Safety

Due to its long experience, Gunnebo has unrivalled competence in providing solutions for secure storage, site protection, entrance control and cash handling. In collaboration with Gunnebo, Tekio provides and implements retail security solutions: cash management, safes, closed-circuit cash handling, ensuring maximum security for your valuables and your staff.

Why you should choose Gunnebo



The solution can be personalized both to adapt it to the brand and to integrate it with the cash processes



It offers different solutions according to the type of point of sales but integrated in the same platform



It operates 7 days a week with remote hardware control and assisted technical operations, to support the staff

The main characteristics of Gunnebo Cash Management

Gunnebo considerably reduces the risk of robbery and makes internal cash management simple. This solution also eliminates the risk of internal disputes by identifying the operator that paid in the money.

  • Completely closed money management circuit
  • Safe deposit box with recycling, suitable for secure internal transfer of cash to the back-office
  • Money security through ink dye protection at the point of sales
  • Flexible service for valuable transport companies with autonomous collection and delivery management
  • Direct daily money payment performed through an on-line connection with the bank or through valuable transport companies

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