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Darwin Retail Planner

Control your stock, financial budget, assortment and merchandise planning. All with the same tool.

Darwin Retail Planner is a software package for controlling stock, the financial budget, assortments and planning of the merchandise.

The setting

The Retail market in the clothing and shoe sector is currently characterized by increasingly frenetic changes and a continual launch of new collections. This creates opportunities for anyone that manages to adapt to change and threats for those who do not have the right tools. Tekio has established a partnership with Darwin Retail Solutions, who have developed a set of standard and integrated modules for keeping the budget, the collection and the closing stock under control.


Darwin Retail Planner was developed as an “add on” for the Retail or ERP system. All the sales data is automatically fed into the platform, where it is immediately organized into a structured planning environment for budgeting, merchandise planning and open to buy.
In addition, with Darwin Retail Planner, all the players in the planning and control process use the same tools and data, thus improving internal synchronization and communication.

Why you should choose Darwin Retail Planner


To reduce your stock


To increase your income and profit


To increase your circulating capital

What you can do with Darwin Retail Planner

All your sales data is fed automatically onto the platform where it is immediately organized in a structured planning environment for budgeting, merchandise planning and Open to Buy. Darwin Retail Planner is made up of four modules.

  • Financial Budget
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Assortment Planning
  • Open to Buy / WSSI Planning

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