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Tekio is your technological partner for the Retail market. We offer our services as a Technology System Integrator and our staff’s twenty years of experience in innovation in the Retail sector enables us to tackle all kinds of projects. Tekio combines the reactivity and energy of a start-up with the knowledge and experience of a company that has grown on this market for twenty years.

How we work

  1. Project elaboration
  2. Preliminary analysis
  3. Installation
  4. Training
  5. Project start-up
  6. Process optimization

Project elaboration

Elaboration, setting and objectives of the project
Before proceeding with any activity, the IT Retail project plan must be elaborated, defining the distribution of the responsibilities by creating a Workgroup. At the same time, the objectives must be set clearly and realistically.
Coordinating figures
The Tekio Project Leader coordinates the general Retail consulting activities of the project in collaboration with a Customer Project Leader who, in turn, coordinates the activities to be carried out by the internal staff. If the company has an IT department, it will collaborate in every phase of the Retail project.

Preliminary analysis

The foundations of the project
The project is based on a complete and accurate knowledge of the company’s decision-making and operating processes. To acquire this knowledge, the corporate processes concerned must be analysed in detail, schematizing the results of the analysis. Area Managers and Key Users can take part in this phase and their task will be to describe the company’s processes and objectives.
Design of new processes
The information obtained is used to design new processes and make sure that the parameterization of the solution by the Retail consultants reflects the actual working conditions. The decisions made in this phase are operational and follow the strategic indications given previously.


Installation, development and parameterization
At the end of the information acquisition phase, the installation of the system at the central office is started. The installation procedure is followed by the procedure for interfacing any other information systems involved in the project and for converting the data from the previous systems. In parallel, the procedures for parameterizing the environment and developing any personalized features are started.
With the collaboration of Key Users, our Retail consultants implement the characteristics of the processes elaborated in the earlier phases on the information system. The functions set must be checked and tested by the Key Users, who will supply any indications necessary for their improvement.


Training and courses
The project elaboration phase includes the preparation of training plans for the users, who will gradually start to use the new procedures. The training is divided into phases; it starts with training for the Key Users during the parameterization phase, continues with in-depth sessions again for the Key Users and ends with the training of the End Users, either by Tekio consultants or the Key Users trained previously.
Operators's manual
In parallel with the training phase, the Project Operator’s Manual is drawn up to describe the processes and functions implemented at a high level. We offer the possibility of drawing up personalized manuals or organizing ad hoc courses tailored to the customer’s needs.

Project start-up

Project start-up at the points of sale
Once the previous phases have been completed, the procedure focusing on the implementation of the information system at the points of sale is started.
The activities are typically divided into two separate subphases: Activation of the first point of sales and Rollout of the remaining points of sale.
Two phases
The installation of the first point of sale should be followed by a pause the length of which should be determined according to the type of project, before proceeding to install the other stores. This will provide the time necessary to establish in the field that the company’s internal processes and the parameterization of the information system are up and running effectively.

Process optimization

Operational process optimization
Having completed the project start-up phase, the processes are optimized from the operational point of view. In fact, the parameterization phase normally leads to several reflections on the company’s operation, for which it is not always possible to obtain clear and exhaustive solutions immediately.
In addition, the company cannot always know in advance what operations are the best for some procedures and it may also happen that, due to normal company developments, some processes are modified during the course of the project. This is why Tekio selects products that can adapt readily to changes taking place at the company due to their high level of parameterization.


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      the treatment of my personal data to send via e-mail information, promotions or newsletters or newsletters from Tekio srl in relation to their initiatives and / or its subsidiaries and / or associates.